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The Italian Company - Sicilian ceramic and Italian products

The Italian Company’s mission is to showcase the finest of products. Our merchandise is handpicked from all regions of Italy to draw attention to local traditions and craftsmanship and to champion its superior quality.
The founder is a native of Italy’s largest island, Sicily and was born in the small hill-top town of Caltagirone, famed for its Baroque architecture, now protected under the UNESCO World Heritage Programme, but equally renowned for its ceramics.

It is here, dating back to the 8th century BC that the art of pottery was first recognised and flourished across several millennia and has since developed into what we know today as maiolica and terracotta-ware; Caltagirone being one of the most important places for its production.

As the creator of The Italian Company I noticed that here in The UK very few people had ever come across this particular style of pottery and was always taken by the keen interest and curiosity of friends and family who, after each visit back home, would comment on how much they liked the objects I returned with and gradually people began to ask for me to bring back various pieces for them and latterly commissions. This inspired me and The Italian Company began.

Our aim therefore, is to share our love of Italy, through sourcing products from all twenty regions; from the mountains in the north to the shores and
islands in the south and to discover little gems and treasures that at first might not be so familiar to the UK market, but will inspire and delight. 

Benvenuto to ‘The Italian Company’

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