Selection of traditional Sicilian confectionary.

Orange and lemon peel used to accompany cocktails, wine and champagne, or as sorbet, or as a dessert, our homemade candied are natural so that their flavour is full-bodied and their properties unchanged.

Almond cookies. Our almond paste, made with Sicilian raw materials selected and certified, they are very soft and light and have natural and elegant aroma. Produced with pure raw materials that do not naturally have gluten, may be regarded as "gluten free".

Soft nougat.Our assorted soft nougat in seven flavors (dark, milk, vanilla, lemon, orange, pistachio and coffee) are produced only with honey orange blossom certificate, so as to have a perfume and a unique taste.

Croccantino del Sole. Almond and pistachio from the trees growing on the voilcano Mount Etna



Gift Candy Box

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